July 2014
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Now I was not the greatest fan of twitter before beginning this course, because I listened to the hype and decided that it was definitely not for me. I love Stephen Fry – but I am not really interested in what he had for breakfast or that it is raining in LA. So trying to [...]

Week 6 summary: first thoughts on digital ethnography

I feel like I am getting a little behind (this always seems to happen in the middle of a course) I get distracted by stuff.  Stuff in this case being two rather different things.

Firstly (and this is the good news) my chosen focus for my digital ethnography – role-playing, which means of course I have [...]

Week 3 readings summary – WTF??

I have to admit that much of the time I detest reading academic papers! They can be dry, uninspiring, and they often make assumptions that make me want to scream out loud in frustration. Hand with his ideas that the Internet removes power from traditional centres and places it into the common people has to [...]

Week 2 – The end of film festival

Watching the clips to end the film festival week in Digital Culture was really upsetting.  Can it really happen – where human and machine live in the same world?  Do we have to add more/amend policies to include/accommodate machines in our world and become politically correct – Diversity, Equal Opportunity to name a few?

I was really [...]

week 1 thoughts on technology and readings

The use of technologies during the first week has been interesting tthought my first experiences were a little uncomfortable to say the least. Using the course guide helped to a certain extent, but when I had teething troubles not having someone to turn to in person left me feeling a bit [...]