July 2014
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My lifestream summary

I have chosen these web applications to demonstrate my digital activities throughout the course as part of my learning process:

My Blog

Although I have setup 6 applications but my digital activities through out the course are mainly using Facebook as shown in my lifestream feeds. There are 226 entries on Facebook compared to 3 on Flickr.

I [...]

The end is approaching…

Well, it’s coming to the end of my journey on digital culture.  Before I submit my final summary of my lifestream, I would like to just have another blog to express my journey through the course.

I have enjoyed the course but I must admit it was not an easy journey for me.  I found it difficult to [...]

Lifestream summary and critical evaluation

You have reached the end of the internet. Please turn off the lights before you leave.

OK, perhaps things are not so dramatic but you have definitely reached the end of my lifestream. As a chronological collection of my digital activities and interests, my lifestream hopefully conveys a sense of my many disembodied online presences. [...]

Lifestream week 10

This week’s great readings prompted a couple of blog posts on cyborg pedagogies, digital technologies as cybernetic prostheses, materiality and what the physical absence of the teacher means for distance education. All fascinating ideas that made me attempt to reverse-engineer our course and reveal Sian and Jen’s master design. At the same time, I noted [...]

Week 10 Lifestream summary

I spent most of the week reading the core texts – Usher and Bayne – as well as some of the secondary readings. This is reflected in my Tumblr listings in the lifestream. I also spent more time this week reading and sometimes commenting on fellow students’ blogs. I have found this process [...]

Lifestream – Week 1

As most of us on the course, I spent the first week trying to get a proper feel of what a digital Lifestream is, how it should look like and what it should contain. During week 1, my locus communis on digital culture focused on Twitter-tips for tools like and TwitterBar, videos that use [...]

In at the deep end

This is the end of week 1 summary:
And in all honesty this has been a rather busy week.
Dabbling ainto nd acclimatizing oneself to WordPress, setting up the Livestream and Twittering, all this was very new to me and certainly not recommended for the uninitiated.
In all honesty I was missing at times the ease, cosyness and [...]

Reflections on M. Hand

‘From Hardware to Software to Everyware’
Hand tries to dissect and analyse the divergent views on the meaning of ‘Digital Cultures’ and its relationship to and meaning within current society.
In essence there are conflicting views as to whether within a digital culture there are opportunties for a more participatory (and perhaps even more decocratic) society or [...]