July 2014
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Lifestream summary and critical evaluation

You have reached the end of the internet. Please turn off the lights before you leave.

OK, perhaps things are not so dramatic but you have definitely reached the end of my lifestream. As a chronological collection of my digital activities and interests, my lifestream hopefully conveys a sense of my many disembodied online presences. [...]

week 7 – lifestream commentary

The lifestream this week has been almost entirely made up of comments and readings for my ethnography and those  of my colleagues.

The ethnographies were all fabulous and led me to really think about communities in a new way. They were necessarily short because of the time constraints but this was not too restirctive because as [...]

Dystopic Day

After a lot of technical difficulties I have my visual artefact up on YouTube. Originally, I intended it to be one video РDystopic Day, Utopic Day Рbut I thought I better get Dystopic Day up and hopefully I will have time to add Utopic Day.  If not I will add to this blog [...]

Lifestream Week 2

Most of my activity was devoted to commenting on the short films via Twitter. Judging by the number of lifestream posts, this was a week that really worked for me reflection wise and learning wise; as Andy said in our Skype chat, it was like visiting a gallery, standing in front of paintings and eavesdropping [...]

Reflections on the Readings – Weeks 1 & 2

Over the last two weeks I have been reading my way through the various primary and secondary course readings as well as Sian’s suggestion of Baudrillard (6) and trying to understand how these academic interpretations of Digital Culture fit with my own ideas of what that term means. One of the [...]

Week 1 Lifestream Commentary

This is the first week and using the multiple technologies has been an interesting and challenging experience. The lifestream entries this week have been varied and have not truely followed a theme apart from diarising my sometimes unsuccessful battles with the technologies and some early research into the dual images of the internet as a [...]

Silvana’s Lifestream Week 1

Week 1 was initially about getting to grips with setting up the lifestream, managing the readings, setting up Tweetdeck, viewing and commenting on the films, and getting to grips on how to blog in WordPress.

I already had a Twitter account but had been Twitter silent over the summer – too much was going on and [...]

Week 1: Film Festival and Twittorial Reflections: Dystopia

Today has been the last day of our #mscdystopia twittorial. I found the films made for an interesting collection. The hashtag offered a hint at the theme of the collection – digital dystopia – but I found my familiarity with Stop Dave… and Internet is for porn meant I brought some pre-existing ideas about their [...]

Mark Poster and a question of ethics

Reading this piece and considering the role of ethics in media made me wonder about ethics and morality, and whether they are the same thing? Looking up the terms on ethics is described as “a system of moral principles”, and morals as “the distinction between right and wrong”. Sounds simple. They both seem to [...]

Dystopic view of E-learning in future

Just found this video giving a dystopic view of the future of e-learning.

Does not address who is in charge behind the technology -> feeding in the ‘appropriate’ information. Emphasizes the passivity of students – Castell’s ‘interacted’ as opposed to the ‘interacting’.

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