July 2014
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Week 12: lifestream summary

I began my lifestream with a sense that I would be saving ephemera.  In my early blog posts I played with the ‘why?’ of the activity.  Was I creating commonplace book, a scrapbook of nostalgia, the virtual clippings and travel stubs to remind me of my journey? Or a bower bird, attracting a mate?  If [...]

Week 10 Lifestream summary

This week, like last week I have been mainly considering my final assignment and getting my Lifestream into some kind of order ready for submission. I was unable to participate in this weeks skype session as we STILL have no internet connection at home (something about the house being very old, blah, blah!). My Lifestream [...]

Fembots, Latex, Haraway and Hayles


Haraway, D. (2000). A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late 20th Century. in D Bell and A Kennedy, The Cybercultures Reader. Routledge.

Hayles, N.K. (1999). Toward embodied virtuality, chapter 1 of How we became posthuman: virtual bodies in cybernetics, literature and informatics. Chicago, University of Chicago Press. pp1-25

I’ve been [...]

Week 9 lifestream summary

Admittedly there hasn’t been as much activity in my lifestream this week. This may be due to one of two things. I have been struck down with one of my students many colds and therefore have a very fuzzy head OR it may be because I have struggled to get to grips with the whole [...]

Summary Week 9: Feeding the Lifestream

Week 9 – flaneurs and cyborgs – cyborgs and flaneurs – both transgressors; both providing us with new ways to view the world and to be viewed in it. Both providing new worlds, maybe.

I have recently had some comments on my posts- all of which were unashamedly requested. It was nice to get someone in [...]

Lifestream Week 8

This week was largely devoted to the readings by Dona Haraway (“A Cyborg Manifesto”) and N. Katherine Hayles (“Towards embodied virtuality” and “Unfinished Work: From Cyborg to Cognisphere”) and to philosophical questions on what being posthuman is.

I can’t say I became a fan of Haraway; her much-praised (and much-criticised) article now shows its age [...]

Haraway seeds (yes she does)

I printed Haraway off to read later but couldn’t resist a quick peek. Got hooked though and had to blog.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I really loved Haraway’s Cyborg  Manifesto. Why haven’t I read it before? Actually, I know why – I thought it was about cyborgs; but, as [...]

Week Eight Summary

This week was a very hectic week after my wife’s operation but somehow I got through lots of the readings. After reflecting on Haraway I posted ‘Cyborg Alice’ which portrayed how I think she portrays her cyborg. I found Shields’ comment to be realistic:
‘Cyborg analysis suggests the body as a lived site and surface, it [...]

Summary of Week 8

Most of Week 8 was spend drowning in the feminist cyborg world of Haraway! I was none the wiser after two readings. I did pick a lot up from links other people tweeted though. Luckily the Hayles’ reading wasn’t as dense. I need to add some more thoughts to these ideas behind cyborgs and posthumanism. [...]

Horizon, Haraway and artifacts of knowledge

I have just been watching ‘Horizon – How long is a piece of string?’ on BBC2. The concept of the programme was simply to explain quantum mechanics to the layman; a tall order! However, using the construct of an ordinary man in the shape of Alan Davies to act as our representative interrogating the experts, [...]