July 2014
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Musing; who will protect our children?

As we evolve into posthumans, as our world becomes networked, and we exist in the cognisphere introduced by Hayle, who will protect those who cannot adequately protect themselves?

Social networking sites: why no abuse report button? by Nic Fleming in this weeks NewScientist may be jumping on the cyberbullying bandwagon whipped up by the media specifically [...]

week 1 thoughts on technology and readings

The use of technologies during the first week has been interesting tthought my first experiences were a little uncomfortable to say the least. Using the course guide helped to a certain extent, but when I had teething troubles not having someone to turn to in person left me feeling a bit [...]

A sobering experience

As part of the IT/e-learning induction event I have been running today for our PG-student freshers I was surprised to find out that a clear majority have not experienced a VLE/CMS as part of their past learning experience.
My intial response was disappointment on the lack of technological awareness of these (mature) learners.
On deeper reflection though [...]

My first blogging attempt with WordPress

Oh my GOD!  I thought I am an IT literate but I am struggling to use these new applications – social websites available out there.  I supposed being an IT literate in this millenium requires you not to just familiar with software applications, programming but keep up with the emergence of social websites too, sharing [...]