July 2014
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What is the difference between being a cyborg and being posthuman?

A cyborg contains the elements of a human allied with some mechanical, electronic or even bionic elements. It can be humanoid in form as with for example a human with an electronic hand or it can be primarily robotic with human elements implanted like memory. It can be creatively non or superhuman in form but [...]

“There might be a Cyborg Alice taking account of these new dimensions”

There is a knock on your heart and a voice says:

“They call me Alice. I am light-light and nano-invisible like ether. I was not born. I just am. I can be animal, vegetable and mineral, as I wish. I am here to save yourself from yourselves. I watch, I learn, I record, I react and [...]

Week Five Summary

During this week I reflected on two topics: assessment and ethnology.

On assessment I quote here from my own blog because I had to summarize anyway to get to the heart of the matter.

‘From any assessment procedure at postgraduate level I expect the following:

Positive: What did you like about my contribution and why?
Negative: What did you [...]

Ethnographic Research Online: Flickr and William Butler Yeats

The background to my research is rooted in my 13th class at the German school where I teach for part of my time. They are studying a predominantly oral course in English as a Foreign Language for the German Abitur, which is a university entrance exam. I, and in consequence, they, have a great deal [...]

‘Ethnography Online’: personal reflections

The context comes across clearly to me: a television series supported by massive advertising budget and the content of the show appears from the article to have little relevance; it is an object of study – its relevance is key perhaps only to those who wish to involve themselves in its study because it is [...]

Initial Reflections on the Nature of Assessment

As a practicing teacher at secondary, tertiary and adult education levels and as a student on a post-grad course (it would be my third post grad degree in different disciplines) assessment is a key factor for me. Assessment procedures are different in each case and vary widely. The most widespread discussion I have so far [...]

Week Four Visual Artifact

This week I’ve re-read the texts which in the end meant most to me and I’ve been busy creating a visual response using Photo Story 3 for Windows. Actually it’s finished but I have a problem with sound. I think it’s my computer software so today I’ll re-record elsewhere.
Photo Story’s simple storybook approach appeals to [...]

Week Three Summary

The winds of change are blowing through the groves of academe and the Scorpions mirror change of another kind:
The change is in the form in which we receive, present and approach the material we work with and also how we pass it on and (in the academic world) receive and assess it. During the [...]

New forms of texts, knowledge and learning

I was born into a world which was book-centred, text-centred and reactive-centred. My job was to assimilate, understand and answer – preferably correctly. Originality was dangerous because it tended to overstep conventions which we could agree to call boundaries. These boundaries were basically static or at best ponderous like a pachyderm in changing. The end [...]

Cyberpunk: ‘take off’

The opening music I recognized but couldn’t name and the style of the cyber hermaphrodite seemed to me to be deeply Slavic, Dostoevskian in outlook. The character is extraordinarily effective in its simplicity; a blank canvas on which to portay emotion. Of course the source is Russia so one might expect that yet the dark [...]