July 2014
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Lifestream summary and critical evaluation

You have reached the end of the internet. Please turn off the lights before you leave.

OK, perhaps things are not so dramatic but you have definitely reached the end of my lifestream. As a chronological collection of my digital activities and interests, my lifestream hopefully conveys a sense of my many disembodied online presences. [...]

Nodes on my nexus

As I have been re-reading my lifestream I have really begun to realise how many different forms of communication I employ to reach out to those around. this may be a ‘new’ technological form of communication, like Twitter or Facebook, or a more physical method like face to face or by telephone. Also, when I [...]

Week Seven Summary (2): Community and our Ethnographies

I want to focus on the types of virtual association I have observed with 10 of the 12 mini-ethnographies read by me so far. For me the breakdown appears broadly like this:
Caroline’s Bankeyfields is an online community grafted on to a real community and concerns itself with real life issues therefore exhibits online essentially all [...]

Three metaphors and a community

It’s been a real pain getting this presentation – my micro-ethnography of a virtual community – published. I’ve had problems with BT Broadband, my new Mac, YouTube and Vimeo (and, just in case you wondering, no, no it’s not user error;-)!).

I am currently hating technology with a vengeance and wondering where I can get an [...]

A soundproofed room of one’s own

I’ve was up at 6am today (Saturday!) recording the audio for the virtual community presentation. The family sleeps and the house enjoys a rare moment of quiet.

However, it made me think how much easier it is to create a textual artefact. The noise of kids, TVs and radios, Xbox 360s etc, can be sort of [...]


Now I was not the greatest fan of twitter before beginning this course, because I listened to the hype and decided that it was definitely not for me. I love Stephen Fry – but I am not really interested in what he had for breakfast or that it is raining in LA. So trying to [...]

Bell & Communities (or how I stopped worrying and pretty much worked out what a community might be…)

What is a Community?

Bell talks about the issues surrounding the intersections of “real-life” (RL) and online life, and the problem of defining a community in the broader context. Bell also refers to Tönnies’  notion of “Gemeinschaft” (Tönnies 1955 in (2)) – a definition of community which seems, to me, to be out of date even [...]

Week 6 Summary


This week has been taken up with working on the virtual ethnography. It has kept me away from the lifestream, to a certain extent.

Reading Hine (2000), along with Jen’s feedback, has helped me understand a little more clearly why I am writing these weekly reflections.  I was not sure why I had to write the [...]

A rape in cyberspace; Mr Bungle and LambdaMOO

During my reading of Bell & Community & Cyberculture, I read about the strange case involving LambdaMOO (an online dungeon) and a cyber perpetrator by the name of Mr Bungle, who, with an online voodoo doll and a piece of programming code, could take over the identities of other players and force them to perform offensive acts.

What is (in) a community?

Our task for the next two weeks is rather paradoxical: we are supposed to conduct an ethnographic study of an online community. Problem is, it’s very hard to find two cyberculture theorists who agree on what an online community is; In “Community and Cyberculture” (a chapter off An Introduction to CyberCultures) David Bell gives an [...]