July 2014
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Lifestream week 11

While my activity during this week focused on familiar media and themes, I found myself wondering “Where is it all going?”

Web 3.0 (or the Semantic Web) is almost here, HTML 5.0 and CSS3 are just around the corner and promise to change the way we see the Web and conduct our business online, VLEs are [...]

Teaching and learning in the digital world

The last two readings took me back in time when I first started my journey as a MSc in e-learning student doing IDEL, using various online tools for learning, talking about digital immagrants and natives (Marc Prensky).

How I wish somehow I could distribute these two readings among my teaching colleagues to introduce them to the [...]

Reverse engineering

Inner workings

The readings by Usher and Bayne on uncanny, dislocated pedagogies triggered a reverse engineering process in my mind and allowed me to lift the lid and examine the inner workings of our course. Among the cogs and wheels I can now see:

In our use of WordPress, Twitter, Skype, WallWisher, the phpBB forum, Flickr, [...]

Walking the walk

I’ve not read a thing yet – I’ll have more time Wednesday and Thursday – but already the choice of technology used on the course is provoking reflection.

I like Sian and colleagues’ brave experiments in getting us to rethink learning technology by not just talking the talk but walking the walk (on a tightrobe with [...]