July 2014
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Virtual Ethnography

This is my virtual ethnography. I have focused on a Flickr photosharing group called ‘Japan Top 20′. This is an edited version of the first ethnography I posted. However, I have kept Jen and Sian’s comments in.

Summary Week 7


This week I have been focused on producing the virtual ethnography. The aim of the ethnography was to determine how far a group of people who regularly meet online can be seen to be an ‘online community’. However more processes than that product have unfolded.

First of all, I am surprised at how ‘sucked in’, or [...]

Link to my VE mini-project

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Lifestream Week 6

“I used to grow lentils in yogurt cups in grade school” FaceBook group with 68,000+ members. Is this a community?

This was a week almost entirely devoted to researching virtual ethnography and online communities. The anthropological aspect of ethnographic work always fascinated me in the same way I find traveling to a foreign country fascinating. In [...]

Week 6 Summary

Again, my apologies for the late posting of this.

Week 6 has seen me ploughing into my chosen subject matter for a virtual ethnography – the 9/11 conspiracy theories. As previously stated, my objective here is not to determine whether the 9/11 conspiracy theories are ‘true’ or not, but rather to determine how members of that [...]

How do we evaluate a virtual ethnography?

Richardson,L. (2000). Evaluating ethnography. Qualitative Inquiry, 6(2), 253-255

Ethnographies, it would seem, are tricky things to evaluate. The following is a list of five criteria found on Wikipedia, quoted from a Richardson paper from 2000:

Ethnographic methodology is not usually evaluated in terms of philosophical standpoint (such as positivism and emotionalism), ethnographies nonetheless need to be evaluated [...]

Virtual Ethnography and Twitter

Whilst reading Hind I’m also checking my friend’s FB updates on the demonstration happening at Wood Lane ahead of Nick Griffin’s participation in Question Time tonight.  She has travelled there to be ‘in the field’.  I have not.  I’m aware the updates I am reading could well be influenced by my friend’s political, social and [...]