July 2014
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Choosing my delivery method and asking – is it sufficiently academic?

I have got to the point in my assignment planning that I am beginning to look at the method of delivery because a traditional essay or simple hypertext essay just won’t cut it. However I have concerns that what I am considering will not appear to be sufficiently academic. With these concerns in mind I [...]

Week 4 Summary



I have found the theme of transliteracies really interesting, even if I am not completely sure what the term means, yet. As you can see from this week’s posts, I’ve been looking on YouTube for videos which explain the concept, but they all seem to be saying different things. Maybe this is just because there [...]

Digital Artefact


I wanted to look at the things we ‘read’ and yet which don’t contain writing. I tried to organise this around a lifecycle. 

The digital artefact is made up of a series of pictures which tell a story of life, from beginning to end. It presents some of the ‘signs of life’ that we may encounter.


Attempting [...]

comments on my visual artifact and the end of week 4

What an interesting week this has been! I was surprised at the quality and range of the artifacts produced,  with people using Prezi, Flickr, Youtube and blogs. I have made my comments on their blogs and so will not repeat myself here – but well done guys. I have really had a good old think [...]

Week 3 Summary



I think I am now getting to grips with the lifestream and some of its ethos. If my DIY definition of transliteracy is valid, then it means not only being able to manipulate digital media – to create and communicate using it, but it also means being able to see how we are affected by the use [...]

Week 3 Lifestream commentary

Much of my lifestream this week contains twitter comments about the reading we have been doing.  I am still getting used to using Twitter and often find it dififcult to find a thread – but I am not the only one!

“the chronological order does not necessarily guarantee a linear reading sequence*. There is no way [...]

Role of the author, role of the depictor?

‘Speech and writing tell the world; depiction shows the world. In the one, the order of the world is given by by the author; in the other, the order of the world is yet to be designed (fully and/or definitively) by the viewer. ‘ (Kress, 2005).

Literary significance (from Wikipedia) – views of ‘author’

“In literary [...]

Kress’s paradox

 Kress (2005) refers to speech/writing as having a ‘finite stock of words – vague, general, nearly empty of meaning’. However,  for image/depiction he states that  ’there is an infinitely large potential of depictions – precise, specific and full of meaning’. I am not sure that I agree with Kress here. Reading over the history of the Mona [...]

Week 3 readings summary – WTF??

I have to admit that much of the time I detest reading academic papers! They can be dry, uninspiring, and they often make assumptions that make me want to scream out loud in frustration. Hand with his ideas that the Internet removes power from traditional centres and places it into the common people has to [...]

Week 3 Summary

Kress, G (2005) Gains and losses: new forms of texts, knowledge and learning. Computers and Composition. 22(1), 5-22.

Rose, Gillian (2007) Researching visual materials: towards a critical visual methodology, chapter 1 of Visual methodologies: an introduction to the interpretation of visual materials. London: Sage. pp.1-27.

I See What You Did There

I’ve already had a great big whinge [...]