July 2014
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Haraway, artifacts of knowledge and communicative synapses

I have just read Sarah Payne’s ‘Horizon, Haraway and artifacts of knowledge’ in which she writes about the need for Haraway to be deciphered by other academics for her to be accessed by a wider audience. Sarah makes the interesting point that although Haraway is a cultural artefact in fact the ‘producers of artifacts of [...]

Culture, cultural artefacts and community acceptance

We are adding to culture in what we post or otherwise contribute albeit by way of nano increments. Sometimes those increments can be decisive and influential – out of all apparent proportion to their value. This is often apparent in the media world and previously in the publishing world. This may be because the artefact [...]

Lifestream Week 4

A rather poor week for my lifestream seeing as I focused on creating my visual artefact and commenting on as many other artefacts as I could. It wouldn’t look so poor had I thought to feed my comments; my bad. I was amazed by the multitude of angles from which my fellow course members approached [...]

Week 4 Lifestream summary

This week has been focused on creating my visual artefact and viewing and commenting on other fellow students’ artefacts.  I have been really impressed by the quality of the work we have produced as a group.  This week I felt more connected with other students by viewing their work and commenting on their blog – [...]

Utopic Day

Here is the companion piece to Dystopic Day.  Had a lot of trouble synchronizing things so this is the best I can do technically.   Dystopic Day should be watched first. 

I always find it easier to conceive of a dystopia rather than a utopia. Many years ago I read Dante’s Divine Comedy.  I could relate very [...]

My artefact

I’ve been thinking about examples where pictures and text are traditionally put together for ease of understanding. This is particularly the case with signs. I’ve collected a few for my artefact. In this slideshow a sign without text will be followed by the complete sign with text. Please compare the examples. Does the image “need” [...]

Dystopic Day

After a lot of technical difficulties I have my visual artefact up on YouTube. Originally, I intended it to be one video – Dystopic Day, Utopic Day – but I thought I better get Dystopic Day up and hopefully I will have time to add Utopic Day.  If not I will add to this blog [...]

Exploring the visual – welcome to week 4

Hi everyone, and welcome to week 4! This week our main activity will be creating and discussing visual artefacts which help draw out themes, issues or ideas from across Block 1 of the course.

Remember that you want your artefact to appear in your lifestream, and for us to have somewhere to discuss it, so if [...]

Before the Fun Begins …

I thought it might be interesting to capture a visual representation of what ‘digital culture’ currently means to me, before I do any of the readings or throw myself into the film festival.

Below is my (exceedingly unprofessional looking, I know) visual brainstorm of my thoughts on some of the things the term ‘digital culture’ conveys [...]