July 2014
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End of Lifestream Summary


I decided not to go back over my summaries but to attempt a search for the deep structure behind them. In that endeavour I came up with six questions which require answers for me to be satisfied with what these weeks brought me; a kind of personal accounting procedure.

End of [...]

Week Nine Summary

An enforced absence; having a medical problem myself, trying to teach effectively, looking after a household, two dogs, five cats and two rabbits plus a wife recovering from a major operation showed me just how much clay my feet were made of.

Lifestream Summary

The lifestream is intended to:

Map (and demonstrate) the path of learning.
Collate the ‘chaos’ of the course.

1) was stated in the course outline.

2) became obvious only once we began the week 10 reading. The design of the course structure was to disorientate us to facilitate a deeper engagement with our own learning. However balance must be [...]

Lifestream summary

So the 12 weeks are up and it’s time for the summary. My lifestream contains feeds from my digital activity over the past twelve weeks, consisting primarily of feeds from Delicious, Twitter, blog posts and YouTube. It traces my learning path over this unit- feeds have arisen from the various activities involved: weekly readings, the [...]

End of week 11

This is nearly the last week of the semester and I’ve been trying to find a topic and some idea of a structure for the final essay. I’ve been uploading some of pages from the websites I want to work with onto the lifestream and posted some thoughts on the essay. It’s a bit sad [...]

End of week 10

This week has just zoomed by. I’ve been trying to get a grip on what is meant by cyborg pedagogy. I think this means taking into account the fact that we are inextricably bound to technology and using this to our and the students’ advantage when we teach.  Various texts from this week have been [...]

End of week 9

This week I’ve been discovering a few new ideas for myself:

1. I’ve still been looking at some of the ethnographies. The great variety of these seem to show up some facts about the internet that we had been dealing with from the start: The virtual communities have utopian elements (such as bringing people together who [...]

Week Eight Summary

This week was a very hectic week after my wife’s operation but somehow I got through lots of the readings. After reflecting on Haraway I posted ‘Cyborg Alice’ which portrayed how I think she portrays her cyborg. I found Shields’ comment to be realistic:
‘Cyborg analysis suggests the body as a lived site and surface, it [...]

End of week 8

This week I was struggling with the two core texts by Haraway and Hayles. I’ve been reading some of the blogs of other people in this course and this has helped me get my head round the ideas and think about what they mean for me.  I did find the texts very tough reading and [...]

Week Seven Summary (2): Community and our Ethnographies

I want to focus on the types of virtual association I have observed with 10 of the 12 mini-ethnographies read by me so far. For me the breakdown appears broadly like this:
Caroline’s Bankeyfields is an online community grafted on to a real community and concerns itself with real life issues therefore exhibits online essentially all [...]