July 2014
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Week 9 lifestream summary

The more I use this lifestream, the more I love it. I have found it invaluable to store resources, and the weekly summary forces me to draw them all back in together again, like unpicking a tangled ball of wool!

I have been using Tumblr to store interesting quotes from the reading as I go through [...]

Some initial thoughts on Muri

Silvana has left a comment in response to my previous blog entry Defining posthumans where she states that:

“I think the key is the rejection of individualism which I think is central to a humanist view”

This tied in neatly with some additional thoughts that I have been mulling over today, so I thought I would blog [...]

Week 9 Lifestream Summary

Reflections on cyborgs, embodiment and cognispheres

This week my lifestream reflects the readings I have been doing on Gies, Badmington,  Hayles, Shields, and Muri.  I have continued with my experiment of copying out into Tumblr passages from my reading on which I wish to reflect.  My usual method is to outline writers’ ideas in MindManager – mapping [...]

Of shit and the Soul

Muri’s central argument against the idea of disembodiment seems to be that there is too much literal shit being produced for anyone to seriously think we are being disembodied. Obviously, she is right. We’re still here and there are more and more of us all the time. She is also touching on environmental issues with [...]