July 2014
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The theory of uncanny pedagogies and how one online course is attempting to use technology to promote discomforted learning. By Sarah Payne

This piece is designed to supply the reader with a beginning and an end – but the route taken on this journey is decided by the reader.

The design pays homage to Kress and allows me to use new technologies to address “the relative power of author or reader” (2005: pg9). In conventional essays the reader [...]

Summary Week 12

Summary Week 12


Boundaries. The lifestream makes you think about boundaries between:

My text and the texts that I have fed into my lifestream
Me and my audiences – who am I meant to be? Academic writer or blogger?
My thoughts and the sanctioned knowledge of academic publications


All of these boundaries seem to be breached in the lifestream. If [...]

Week 11 Summary

Well we are into the final week of the lifestream so I imagine that this will be my last summary before the ‘final’ entry next weekend, and I  have to say that I will be rather sad to see this end.

At first I did not respond well to the lifestream. I found it fiddly to [...]

Choosing my delivery method and asking – is it sufficiently academic?

I have got to the point in my assignment planning that I am beginning to look at the method of delivery because a traditional essay or simple hypertext essay just won’t cut it. However I have concerns that what I am considering will not appear to be sufficiently academic. With these concerns in mind I [...]

Another assignment proposal

As we appear to be sharing our assignment ideas – here is mine (though still at an early stage as I am still working on my lifestream)

I have been really inspired by this last block (now that we have moved away from Haraway!!!) and I have been able to see the thinking  behind the innovative [...]

Do you mind if I quote you on that..?

I am still working through the possibilities for my assignment, and they are still very much in a state of flux. However I think that I will probably be drawing on some comments made by other course members and therefore I think it is only polite (and probably ethical) to ask if anyone minds being [...]

Week Five Summary

During this week I reflected on two topics: assessment and ethnology.

On assessment I quote here from my own blog because I had to summarize anyway to get to the heart of the matter.

‘From any assessment procedure at postgraduate level I expect the following:

Positive: What did you like about my contribution and why?
Negative: What did you [...]

invitation to share your assessment and feedback stories

Hi all – you’ll probably have seen this through other avenues by now, but just in case: all participants on the MSc in E-learning programme are invited to contribute to a reseach project about student writing and innovative feedback and assessment ( Tell us about your assessment and feedback experiences (current or past; positive, [...]

Initial Reflections on the Nature of Assessment

As a practicing teacher at secondary, tertiary and adult education levels and as a student on a post-grad course (it would be my third post grad degree in different disciplines) assessment is a key factor for me. Assessment procedures are different in each case and vary widely. The most widespread discussion I have so far [...]

Lifestream feedback coming by email this week

Hi everyone! We’re now about halfway through the semester, and the lifestream creation which will account for half of your final mark for the course. So, your tutor will email each of you individually this week to give you some formative feedback on your lifestream. We know that many of you have not yet ‘filtered’ [...]