July 2014
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Embodied absence, uncanny pedagogy and prosethetic devices

Above is a digital collage of all my presences on the web – I tried to put this up on Wallwisher a few weeks ago but I couldn’t embed it. At the time, I commented ‘my fragmented and distributed self’ and now having read Sian I can see that it is also evidence of [...]

Week 9 Lifestream Summary

Reflections on cyborgs, embodiment and cognispheres

This week my lifestream reflects the readings I have been doing on Gies, Badmington,  Hayles, Shields, and Muri.  I have continued with my experiment of copying out into Tumblr passages from my reading on which I wish to reflect.  My usual method is to outline writers’ ideas in MindManager – mapping [...]

Gies, embodiment, biometrics and anonymity

Gies states:

The rhetoric of digital disembodiment is manifestly at odds with the increased use of surveillance technologies which are rendering the body more traceable than ever before. p.316 citing Aas, 2006

Since 9/11 national border security has been computerized so that passports have a digital signature. In the States, visitors have their fingerprints taken and photography [...]

Week 8 Summary



This week has been about cyborgs. There have been cyborgs everywhere. Once I was able to cut through the visual imagery of the Terminator and Bladerunner, I found it much easier to think ‘cyborg’. Haraway (2000) and Hayles (1999, 2006) seem both to be saying that the cyborg can be used to think in new ways. [...]