July 2014
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Week Ten Summary

I used Sian Bayne’s latest article as a basis to personally reflect on the uncanny nature of learning space in an academic environment. I found myself in agreement about where ‘machining and dreaming’ belong in a house of learning. I do see uncanny pedagogies as being a futuristic approach to academic, school and personalized learning. [...]

Week 12: lifestream summary

I began my lifestream with a sense that I would be saving ephemera.  In my early blog posts I played with the ‘why?’ of the activity.  Was I creating commonplace book, a scrapbook of nostalgia, the virtual clippings and travel stubs to remind me of my journey? Or a bower bird, attracting a mate?  If [...]

Week 10 summary: embracing the uncanny

Our new pedagogies may be uncanny but it was with a sigh of relief I returned to the familiar realm of education.  The jaunt through cultural studies has been extremely interesting, but I was getting a little lost without a peg to hang it all on.  It was the readings for this block (especially Bayne [...]

Embodied absence, uncanny pedagogy and prosethetic devices

Above is a digital collage of all my presences on the web – I tried to put this up on Wallwisher a few weeks ago but I couldn’t embed it. At the time, I commented ‘my fragmented and distributed self’ and now having read Sian I can see that it is also evidence of [...]