July 2014
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On Boon & Sinclair on Facebook

I was intrigued by a reference to Boon and Sinclair (2009) in Sian’s paper so went off and read it.

This bit caught my eye:

Facebook user profiles are obvious constructs: there is truth in them, but invariably artifice as well. Thus, to some, these digital selves become fractured, confused reflections of a person, never wholly unreal, [...]

My digital ethnography #3: the rules of the game

The following quotation is the rules for the RPG forum on The Northlands.  They were posted (and are implemented) but our moderator, Red.  To see the rules in their environment click here.

We all have to have rules. I like to think of them as guidelines, to be used with your good judgement. Please adhere to [...]

Week 3 Summary: 140 keystrokes? Please!

I have neglected my blog and lifestream a bit because I have been immersed in visual artifact creation.

[Interesting aside: the work of artifact didn't naturally flow into my lifestream because once 'in deep' I didn't think to digg or reference my sources and wanderings. One of two things need to happen for lifestreaming to be [...]

Week 2 summary: how invasive is surveillance?

I was just reading Hand (2008) and pondering how:

Power in digital culture indexes an increasing tendency toward the total surveillance and administration of society, now conducted through globally gathered and sorted digital information. The results of this will paradoxically be greater insecurity, an intense amplification of existing social divisions, and the consumerization of democratic citizenship. [...]

Facebook Survival

Hand, M (2008) Hardware to everywhere: narratives of promise and threat, chapter 1 of Making digital cultures: access, interactivity and authenticity. Aldershot: Ashgate. pp 15-42.

Hand’s ‘dystopian narrative’ seems be one where new technologies provide government and big corporations an increasing level of access to your life and data. What he didn’t mention is the other [...]

stepping into the same stream twice

I thought I would snag that quote first. It is one of the first thing that came to mind when I looked at my newly flowing lifestream.  Actually the real quote  (by Heraclitus 540 BC – 480BC) is:

“You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.”

Except [...]