July 2014
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Do you mind if I quote you on that..?

I am still working through the possibilities for my assignment, and they are still very much in a state of flux. However I think that I will probably be drawing on some comments made by other course members and therefore I think it is only polite (and probably ethical) to ask if anyone minds being [...]

Week 4 summary: Curators or Tomb Raiders?

Ok I can’t resist I have to formally weigh in on Jen and Andy’s Cabinet of Curiosities discussion (and I have loved and been inspired by the interactions in this block – an idyllic learning environment indeed).  To summarise, the metaphor of lifestreaming as curatorship poses several ethical questions regarding the collection of items of [...]

Reflections on Poster and images of digital culture

Poster, Mark (2006) “The good, the bad and the virtual” from Poster, Mark, Information please: culture and politics in the age of digital machines pp. 139-160, 274-5, Durham, N.C.; London: Duke University Press.

What struck me from our two week short film festival was the way the cyberworld and the future were dominated by [...]

Thoughts on humanity and robot relations

The videos this week  have really got me thinking about what it means to be human and how we respond to non-humans within our culture. So far we don’t appear to have too much contact with robots in our everyday lives, though this is beginning to change. Many people are beginning to form attachments to [...]

Poster and thoughts on Internet and pornography

What I love about studying is the way that the readings can blend and stimulate thoughts on seemingly disparate topics. For example, Poster started me thinking about pornography (along with the WOW Video), which is not something that I would usually muse over!

Mark Poster and a question of ethics

Reading this piece and considering the role of ethics in media made me wonder about ethics and morality, and whether they are the same thing? Looking up the terms on ethics is described as “a system of moral principles”, and morals as “the distinction between right and wrong”. Sounds simple. They both seem to [...]