July 2014
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Week 9 lifestream summary

The more I use this lifestream, the more I love it. I have found it invaluable to store resources, and the weekly summary forces me to draw them all back in together again, like unpicking a tangled ball of wool!

I have been using Tumblr to store interesting quotes from the reading as I go through [...]

Week 9 Lifestream Summary

Reflections on cyborgs, embodiment and cognispheres

This week my lifestream reflects the readings I have been doing on Gies, Badmington,  Hayles, Shields, and Muri.  I have continued with my experiment of copying out into Tumblr passages from my reading on which I wish to reflect.  My usual method is to outline writers’ ideas in MindManager – mapping [...]

Lifestream Week 8

This week was largely devoted to the readings by Dona Haraway (“A Cyborg Manifesto”) and N. Katherine Hayles (“Towards embodied virtuality” and “Unfinished Work: From Cyborg to Cognisphere”) and to philosophical questions on what being posthuman is.

I can’t say I became a fan of Haraway; her much-praised (and much-criticised) article now shows its age [...]

Hayles: From Cyborg to Cognisphere

This text is an argument for a view of the posthuman which is more networked. In this sense it continues the development from Hayles text “Toward embodied virtuality” where she was arguing for a collective sense of identity. Embodiment was a key issue of this earlier text and “a recognition that agency is always relational [...]