July 2014
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Week 12: lifestream summary

I began my lifestream with a sense that I would be saving ephemera.  In my early blog posts I played with the ‘why?’ of the activity.  Was I creating commonplace book, a scrapbook of nostalgia, the virtual clippings and travel stubs to remind me of my journey? Or a bower bird, attracting a mate?  If [...]

Lieve Gies and the line between fun and lies!

I am still working my way through Lieve Gies “How Material are cyberbodies?” but felt the urge to reflect on one element of the piece that I have read so far.

Gies quotes Jewkes and Sharp (2003)  stating

“when it comes to constructing identity, the line is increasingly blurred between “playful” and fraudulent, inclusive and exploitative, accesssible [...]

A rape in cyberspace; Mr Bungle and LambdaMOO

During my reading of Bell & Community & Cyberculture, I read about the strange case involving LambdaMOO (an online dungeon) and a cyber perpetrator by the name of Mr Bungle, who, with an online voodoo doll and a piece of programming code, could take over the identities of other players and force them to perform offensive acts.

Some thoughts for #mscworlds that I couldn’t fit in a tweet!

Virtual worlds

Is there a danger in the VR becoming so real we lose our identities within it? The Matrix clip suggests that this is possible, with Neo having to make a determined choice (taking the red pill) to see the world a it really is (dark and [...]