July 2014
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Week 7 Lifestream summary

This week has been mainly about my micro ethnography. I finally received a confirmation email from the Bankeyfields community to allow me to study their forum posts. A lot of my lifestream postings this week have been blog items relationg to my ethnography.

I have enjoyed this blocks core and secondary readings and have found them [...]

A rape in cyberspace; Mr Bungle and LambdaMOO

During my reading of Bell & Community & Cyberculture, I read about the strange case involving LambdaMOO (an online dungeon) and a cyber perpetrator by the name of Mr Bungle, who, with an online voodoo doll and a piece of programming code, could take over the identities of other players and force them to perform offensive acts.

What is (in) a community?

Our task for the next two weeks is rather paradoxical: we are supposed to conduct an ethnographic study of an online community. Problem is, it’s very hard to find two cyberculture theorists who agree on what an online community is; In “Community and Cyberculture” (a chapter off An Introduction to CyberCultures) David Bell gives an [...]

Week 5 Lifestream Summary

I started off the week in Cardiff (Monday and Tuesday) and found that I had more time to work on the course when I am running all day workshops away (as opposed in London where I live).  That is because I can work on the train (ala Andy’s artefact) which I can’t do on the [...]

Bell and Community

I really enjoyed the Bell paper on community. It tackled the notion of community itself, and once again highlights a set of polarized arguments about cyberculture- this time whether an online community is actually a community at all, and whether it is a great thing or the ruination of modern life as we know it.

Again [...]

Running through the heartless concrete streets… Week two roundup

This week my lifestream has been made up of twitter postings about the second file festival, reading Bell, a couple of links about cyberculture and cyberpunk saved to delicious.

More musings:

The metaphor Bell proposes in his chapter (I think it was a quote from someone esle) has stayed with me this week and that’s what my [...]

Week Two Summary

Bell, D (2001) Storying cyberspace 1: material and symbolic stories, chapter 2 of An introduction to cybercultures
Bell defines cyberspace in terms of storytelling. He categorizes it as threefold: material stories, symbolic stories and experiential ones.
Under material stories he includes the history of computing, the development of the internet and the world wide web and virtual [...]

Thank you, David.

I’ve spent a bit of this afternoon reading David Bell’s highly accessible chapter on cyberspace in An Introduction to Cybercultures.  Phew.  I’m pleased I read this as after Hand I was really wondering what I’d got myself into.  Bell writes with the flow of a storyteller, something I find incredibly refreshing when trying to get [...]

Some rambling Sunday thoughts on Bell and Sterne

Bell, D (2001) Storying cyberspace 1: material and symbolic stories, chapter 2 of An introduction to cybercultures. Abingdon: Routledge. pp6-29. [e-book] [PDF]

Sterne, J (2006) The historiography of cyberculture, chapter 1 of Critical cyberculture studies. New York University Press. pp.17-28.

I see why, in comparison with Hand, Bell might be the more enjoyable read; he tells a [...]

Musings on Bell and Hand

Initial reflections on inter-relating Bell and Hand readings.

Bell, D (2001) “Storying Cyberspace:  Material and symbolic stories” in An Introduction to Cybercultures pp. 6-29 Abingdon: Routledge

Hand, M (2008) “Hardware to Everywhere: Narratives of Promise and Threat” in Making digital cultures: access, interactivity, and authenticity pp.15-42, Aldershot: Ashgate

I was glad that I read Bell first as he [...]