July 2014
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Utopia, Dystopia, Cyberspace?

Cyberspace – a real space? can it be a utopian one? or even represent dystopia?

Exploring some literature other than prescribed I found similar views, why? Why does it have to be categoriesed in this way? Is it becuase writers and academics want us to consider the possibility that a cyberworld does actually exist? what does [...]

week 7 – lifestream commentary

The lifestream this week has been almost entirely made up of comments and readings for my ethnography and those  of my colleagues.

The ethnographies were all fabulous and led me to really think about communities in a new way. They were necessarily short because of the time constraints but this was not too restirctive because as [...]

Utopic Day

Here is the companion piece to Dystopic Day.  Had a lot of trouble synchronizing things so this is the best I can do technically.   Dystopic Day should be watched first. 

I always find it easier to conceive of a dystopia rather than a utopia. Many years ago I read Dante’s Divine Comedy.  I could relate very [...]

Week 1 Lifestream Commentary

This is the first week and using the multiple technologies has been an interesting and challenging experience. The lifestream entries this week have been varied and have not truely followed a theme apart from diarising my sometimes unsuccessful battles with the technologies and some early research into the dual images of the internet as a [...]


Thanks to Sian for her helpful post on Hand’s arguments about the double-edged nature of technology: both democratizing/empowering, and on the other, the de-democratizing/disempowering.

Press: do not swallow

It made me think about the G20 demonstrations in London earlier this year and the death of Ian Tomlinson due to an assault by a police officer. [...]

Hardware to everyware: digital culture and e-learning

An attempt begin to apply Hand’s chapter to our concern with technology and education. The full Hand reference is:

Hand, M (2008) Hardware to everywhere: narratives of promise and threat, chapter 1 of Making digital cultures: access, interactivity and authenticity. Aldershot: Ashgate. pp 15-42.

Hand offers a usefully broad overview of the politics of digital culture, aligning [...]

Film Festival: Internet is for Porn

For my third post I shall be Pauline Kael and I/she will be reviewing Internet is for Porn.

The internet=porn riff has been done to death (a bit of a cliché masquerading as aperçu) I’m afraid.

Searching for ‘The internet is for porn’ on YouTube, I found lots of versions,  including ones that used the Avenue Q [...]