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Using a method of counting host computers and then multiplying by a projected number of users , Jordan states with reason able confidence that there were between 40 and 70 million Internet users in mid1998.
James Slevin (2000) , meanwhile, cites the figure of IS{;-180 million users in 1999. though he does not discuss the re liability of his sources. Whatever the number of users in total, however , what matters more to our analysis is their distribution spatially and socially. Here again, however, the numbers vary – though the overall picture is pretty clear. Jordan writes that, in July 1998, the US had 65 per cent of all Internet hosts; Slevin (2000: 40) states that ‘almost 99 per cent of all Internet connections were in North America, Western Europe and Japan’ by the late 1990s. (Bell 2001, p17)

Bell, D (2001) Storying cyberspace 1: material and symbolic stories, chapter 2 of An introduction to cybercultures. Abingdon: Routledge. pp6-29.

A more recent picture from Internet World Stats (click for larger image)

world internet users

Although the % of the population shows that Western countries are still more connected, growth shows how the developing countries are catching up.  For me the connectivity of the internet will be far richer and more meaningful when I feel connected to those new users in Africa and the Middle East, when I can read their stories, tweets, blogs and status updates.

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