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When I am not thinking of things all e-learning I can sometimes be found thinking of things artistic.  The two sides merged for a moment today when I realised that I was pouting a little over the drab look of my Lifestream.  Yes, I have (for the moment) picked the plainest theme.  But that was because I wanted my content to be highlighted.  The problem is the nature of the beast means that my stream is composed of lines of links, tiny quotes and teeny thumbnail images.  I had this sudden desire to be able to strew my lifestream with fairy wings, sunflowers, buttons and paisely.

Where did this urge come from?

Well I think the subconscious association for me is the very twee and decidedly girly world of digital scrapbooking – which according to wikipedia shares a common ancestor with lifestreaming the commonplace book.

There is nothing scholarly or dystopian about scrapbooking.  The only terrifying future vision imaginable in the world of cute collections, baby books and recipes is the realm of the Stepford Wife.  Ok that is pretty scary, but the worst thing that could happen in this world is  dinner is late because Ms Scrapbooker has become so absorbed in editing her images in Photoshop CS3 she lost track of the time.

Scrapbooking, however, develops the idea of my last post (honest) in the sense of a collection of moments or ephemera.  The fact that we can delete the unsightly and hunt out the appealing means we aren’t offering a glimpse of our reality, but rather a snapshot of our idealised selves.  The good student (in our context), or possibly the doting mother (in a scrapbook world).

Anyway, for anyone who is like me longing for a prettier (if slightly tackier) world, some links:

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