week 6 lifestream commentary

This week has been a very full one, both work wise and course wise, so it has been a real juggling act to keep everything ticking over. However I have managed to maintain my lifestream, often late at night in hotel rooms, and during lunch breaks in internet cafes. This is taking some getting used to but I think I am getting used to it all quite well. I have added a few more feeds this week including Tumblr which I had never used before.

The lifestream this week has mainly been concerned with the ethnography research on our chosen community. I have chosen a quilting community because I wanted so look into something that used to be a community activity, almost died out and has now been resurrected in the virtual world.

Another decision has been how to present the research. I initially started with Prezi but as I worked through it the medium wasn’t really suitable. Then I decided at a web cam and screen capture might be interesting, however this has led to a frustrating day with technology and all I have managed to do so far is record a test – at least it has sound!

So it has been a productive week, and unproductive Sunday but I thought I would upload my test piece anyway.

YouTube Preview Image

Never having used a web cam before I found it a disconcerting experience, but now my face is out there for all the world to see as I struggle to find the FINISH button!

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  1. I love the smily face camera!

  2. Mas says:

    This is great Sarah! You should carry on…

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